July 31, 2023

Hello, my name is Chelsea and welcome to my website!

This website has seen many iterations. It started off as a blog to document my study abroad experience during grad school. But then grad school got busy so the blog went defunct. But it saw a revival when life settled down after graduation. I’m now in my 2nd career, 2nd corporate job, now married, a homeowner, and with a better sense of self.

I recently read “Your Silence Will Not Protect You” by Audre Lorde, and learned that it’s not beneficial to not share your thoughts with the world. In fact, if you don’t, the world will write and tell your story for you. Like have you ever had someone describe someone else you know very well and think to yourself “That does not sound like so-and-so”. That’s what’s going to happen if you don’t share you. Often times we hide our thoughts online to protect ourselves. The reality is your silence will not prevent bad things happen to you. It may even help others to justify the bad things that happen to you since you didn’t say anything. eyes

So about me: I studied engineering and through graduate school , but writing and designing are creative outlets for my corporate 9-to-5. According to my Twitter, my interests are current events, personal growth, and social issues like police brutality and racism. I also love learning and reading so that I can understand myself and society little bit better.

I am a daughter

a sister

a wife

an entrepreneur

an employe

a friend

I’m a very simple woman with simple tastes and loads to share. I hope that you enjoy my space here on the Internet. Take your shoes off and make yourself comfortable.